5 Mitsuoka Models That You Rarely See on The Streets

When it comes to Mitsuoka, most of the attention these days is focused on American-style models such as the Buddy and the Rockstar. However, there are other models that are extremely rare.

Rare models of Mitsuoka

Mitsuoka is the tenth automobile manufacturer to be established in Japan. The company has recently been drawing attention to its American-style models such as the Buddy, based on the Toyota RAV4, and the Rockstar, based on the Mazda Roadster.

In this article, we will introduce five rare models that Mitsuoka previously manufactured. These are extremely rare and would be lucky if you managed to see these on the roads.

Toyota RAV4-based Mitsuoka Buddy
Toyota RAV4-based Mitsuoka Buddy

Mitsuoka Nouera Euro R

The Nouera is Mitsuoka’s mid-size sedan based on the seventh generation Honda Accord.

Two types of powertrain, 2-liter, and 2.4-liter were available, mated with an automatic transmission. Mitsuoka combined a moderate feel of sportiness and comfort, with having Mitsuoka’s unique retro style.

And the very rare Nouera Euro R was built based on the Accord Euro R, which is the sport model of the base car.

The special model did not exist as a certain model on brochures and was only built using used cars which were from the company’s used car sales network. Its existence could be confirmed sometimes on their used car websites.

Unlike the base Nouera, the Euro R version had Honda’s K20A i-VTEC engine mated with a 5-speed manual transmission. Like the Accord Euro R, the Nouera Euro R also has 220 hp for its maximum output, but yet the exterior retains the same classical style as the base model.

This is a model that you can’t see very often, but since the exterior colors are also the same as the Accord Euro R, there are cars confirmed that have the same Arctic Blue Pearl and Milano Red, which are exclusive to the base car.

Mitsuoka Viewt 12SR

The Mitsuoka Viewt is a compact car based on the Nissan March (or simply Micra in European markets), with a classical front end inspired by some 1960’s Jaguar. And unlike the hatchback, the Mitsuoka variant has a trunk.

And a normal Viewt has four doors on the side like the base car, but this model, the Viewt 12SR, has only two doors.

In fact, the Viewt 12SR is based on the sportiest model of the third generation March, the March 12SR. The March 12SR is also a rare model like the Nouera variant.

The March 12SR was a special model that was built by Nissan’s subsidiary, Autech, which specializes in tuning and customizing Nissan models. Autech upgraded the engine, suspensions, and exhaust system, making the car a true hot hatch.

And the Mitsuoka’s variant was a car based on this hot hatch. A classical-looking cute car, but having a radical beast in its inside. Some used cars were listed on the company’s used car websites like the Nouera Euro R.

Mitsuoka Zero1 Classic Type F

The Zero1 is a special model for Mitsuoka. With this model, the carmaker was officially approved as the tenth automobile manufacturer in Japan.

And the Classic Type F is a model that is based on the Zero1.

The usual Zero1 had a styling that was inspired by the Lotus Super Seven. And by giving the car some FRP cowls and classical spoke wheels, the Classic Type F embodied an image of real classic sports.

Mitsuoka used a Mazda 1.8-liter engine and a double-wishbone suspension, which came from the Mazda MX-5. We can see that the car had a great performance.

Of course, even in its classic form, Type F could be equipped with air conditioning just like a modern car. This made it a great choice for people who wanted to enjoy both authentic sportiness and modern comfort.

The production of this model started in 1996 and ended four years later.

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