Mitsuoka’s First SUV Coming Soon

Mitsuoka has released the exterior design and specifications of its first new SUV, the Buddy, on its official website. The car’s American-style exterior design and color names such as “North Carolina Blue/White” and “Thriller Red” give a new type of American taste to the Toyama-based coachbuilder.

The coachbuilder, famous for its lineup’s classical styling, revealed some information for the Buddy which is scheduled to be unveiled on November 26th. A concept movie which expresses the outlook on the new SUV is also available.

The new Buddy SUV (Photo: Mitsuoka)
The new Buddy SUV (Photo: Mitsuoka)

The new Buddy is the first SUV model from Mitsuoka, and is available on both gasoline and hybrid.

The hybrid model comes with a 2.5 liter gasoline engine and an electric motor mated with an electric variable transmission (e-CVT), and is available with 2WD and E-Four (Electrical 4WD System). Gasoline model comes with a 2 liter gasoline engine mated with a direct shift CVT, and selectable between 2WD and 4WD.

The exterior dimensions are 4730 mm x 1860 mm x 1685 mm, and its front and rear designs are derived from American cars in the 70’s, with the grilles and bumpers decorated with chrome.

Exterior colors can be selected from either a monotone or two-tone, and the names such as “North Carolina Blue/White” and “Thriller Red” lets you evoke an American atmosphere.


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