3 Exotic Open Tops That Will Blow Your Mind

Cool cars always exist in every era. In this article, we will introduce three of the coolest open-top models.

Open-Top Supra, Open-Top Microcar, and Open-Top SUV

There are many different open-top models all over the world. Talking about the Japanese market nowadays, only three models have been sold from Japanese makers, which is the Mazda Roadster, Honda S660, and Daihatsu Copen. But there have been some cool convertible models overseas and in the past.

Toyota’s GR Supra Sport Top
Toyota’s GR Supra Sport Top

Toyota Supra

SEMA Show, the famous aftermarket convention held by the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA), was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and was held online as “SEMA360”. At the online event, Toyota revealed a special open-top model for the GR Supra. The model, dubbed the GR Supra Sport Top, was inspired by the huge response to the GR Supra Heritage Edition, which debuted in SEMA 2019.

Based on the idea of paying homage to the old Supra convertibles, this special model was built to do the same things just like those models.

To make it a proper open-top, the chassis was reinforced using additional bars under the body to ensure rigidity.

The removed roof panel can be stored in the trunk, and unlike T-tops, there is no center bar that connects the roof.

In addition, the rear end of the roof has a piano black canopy, which gives the car an impressive styling.

There is no concrete plan whether the open-top will be actually sold, but it will surely attract a lot of attention if the model would be released.

Smart Crossblade

Smart is a brand developed by MCC, a company jointly established by the Daimler Group and the Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch in 1998.

The first Smart model’s short body only was 2500 mm long, but had a strong monocoque chassis. This sturdy chassis made it so safe that even in a head-on collision with a Mercedes-Benz E-Class, there was still room for survival in the cabin.

In 2001, a convertible model called “Crossblade” was introduced. The model, without any roof or front window, was based on the Smart Cabrio. Even the doors were replaced with simple bar structure.

The interior was waterproofed and came with a tonneau cover. But the cover itself was useless while driving, since it was only made to protect while parked.

Only available powertrain was a 600 cc Inline-3 turbo, with its highest power output of 70 hp. Exterior featured original bumpers, fenders, and wheels.

In Japan, a limited number of 25 units were sold in 2002, and additional 34 units were sold in 2003.

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