2022 Toyota Land Cruiser Can Start Its Engine with Your Fingerprint

Toyota has unveiled the all-new 2022 Land Cruiser (J300) that comes with new anti-theft technology.

Fingerprint to fight thefts

The all-new Land Cruiser was unveiled on June 10, 2021. Toyota plans to start sales of the new J300 series later this summer worldwide.

The car received a complete revamp for the first time in 14 years with updating both the exterior and interior design. But what’s more unique is the security features the car has.

The all-new Land Cruiser
The all-new Land Cruiser

Toyota has developed a completely new GA-F platform exclusive to the new Land Cruiser. Two gasoline engines, 3.5-liter V35A-FTS V6 twin-turbo and 4.0-liter 1GR-FE V6, and a newly developed diesel, 3.3-liter F33A-FTV V6 twin-turbo, can be selected for its powertrain.

For its body, Toyota has reduced 200 kg (441 lbs.) of weight compared to the previous generation. With having a new platform and engine, the car offers better fuel efficiency.

Although the new Land Cruiser has greatly enhanced its appeal, the car is also famous as a model that is prone to theft.

Since the car has many fans worldwide, its parts are sold at high prices, making the car the best option for thieves to earn easy money.

A method called “relay attack”, which intercepts radio waves from keyless systems, has become widespread. Even cars that are locked and being stored in your garage are stolen with this method.

As the Land Cruiser is said to be the most frequently stolen vehicle, Toyota has introduced a fingerprint ID system to start your new Land Cruiser’s engine.

The start button placed at the cockpit has a fingerprint scanner and the engine will only start if the fingerprint matches the registered one. This allows the car to accurately identify the driver while reducing the risk of theft.

The car also has an authentication system on its door handle. Whenever the driver holds the handle, the seat and steering positions are automatically set for the driver’s preference. And not just the positions, but also the air-conditioning, mirrors, and displays are adjusted for the driver.

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The new fingerprint ID system is a feature that has been revealed for the Russian market and might also be available when the car is launched in the Middle East.


The all-new Land Cruiser with advanced security