Why Are People Attracted To Suzuki’s Sub-compact Off-roader, The Jimny?

The Suzuki Jimny underwent a major update in 2018 for the first time in 20 years. It’s so popular that people need to wait about a year to get their Jimny delivered. So what do the owners love, and hassle about?

A sub-compact SUV capable of doing anything

The first Jimny was launched in 1970. It has undergone three major updates in the past 50 years, and the current model marks the fourth-generation.

The Suzuki Jimny
The Suzuki Jimny

2 years have passed since the launch of the current generation, but customers still need to wait about a year to get their Jimny delivered.

The Jimny has two versions, the Kei-class 660 cc Jimny, and the bigger Jimny Sierra. This time we will introduce the Kei version of the car.

Its body size is 3395 mm x 1475 mm x 1725 mm (133.6 in. x 58.0 in. x 67.9 in.), and is within the Japanese Kei-class body regulation. The overall design inherits the square-bodied design from previous generations.

The interior is full of functional beauty, with switches that are easy to operate even when wearing gloves, making it ideal for professional use.

Large cargo space of 352 liters (12.43 cu. ft.) is unusual for a Kei-car. This size is large enough to carry a 9.5-inch golf bag or a large suitcase and is easily accessible by a large hatch.

Off-road is where the Jimny really comes into its own. This mini-SUV has a minimum ground clearance of 205mm, making it easy to drive over rough roads and steep hills without getting stuck.

For its approach angle, the maximum angle a vehicle can climb, the Jimny is capable of climbing 41 degrees. Its ramp break-over angle is 26 degrees, and its departure angle is 51 degrees.

All grades come with a 660 cc Inline-3 turbocharged engine and its powertrain is selectable between a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic. Of course, all models are all-wheel drive.

Prices start from 1.48 million yen (approx. $13,700) to 1.87 million yen (approx. $17,350), depending on the transmission.

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Attractive Jimny and Jimny Sierra