Subaru Crosstrek Updated with Bulkier Design and New Trim for 2021 Model

Subaru has added a new model “Crosstrek Sport” to the 2021 Subaru Crosstrek. So what kind of a model is it?

Bigger engine with new look

Subaru has given its Crosstrek a minor facelift for the 2021 model, with the addition of a new model.

The 2021 Crosstrek Sport with its bright yellow color
The 2021 Crosstrek Sport with its bright yellow color

The Subaru Crosstrek used to have three different models, Base, Premium, and Limited, all having a 2-liter boxer engine with maximum output of 152 hp.

This time, Subaru has added a new 2.5-liter model called “Sport” to the Crosstrek family, and also bringing the same engine to the “Limited” model.

Two of these models come with a 2.5-liter boxer engine with its maximum output being 182 hp. This is the same engine that the Subaru Forester has.

Also, Subaru’s first ever plug-in model, the Crosstrek Hybrid will continue to be sold.

The newly added Crosstrek Sport’s design features an aggressive front grille and fender arch moldings, coming with dark grey alloy wheels. The gold-ish yellow color named “Plazma Yellow Pearl” is also exclusive to this model, with a gunmetal-finished accent.

Inside, the new model features yellow stitching and accents with having StarTex® water-repellent on its upholstery.

The Crosstrek already is equipped with “X-MODE”, an integrated vehicle control technology that responds to various weather and road conditions. But now, the new Sport model features two modes of X-MODE, which is the only model to adopt in the family.

“SNOW/DIRT” and “DEEP SNOW/MUD” modes are selectable, and hill descent control (HDC) is also available.

Subaru appeals to more active users with this new model, as the teaser site describes it as “the most adventurous and fun-to-drive Crosstrek we’ve ever made”.

Not only the addition of the Sport model, but also there’s been an overall update to the remaining models.

The 2021 Crosstrek underwent major facelifts on the front bumper design featuring new fog light covers. Front grilles are now updated too, with unique designs depending on the models.

Subaru’s Eye Sight safety features have updated as well, now having Adaptive Cruise Control with Active Lane Keeping.


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