Subaru Adds a Rugged “Wilderness” Version to The Outback for North America

Subaru has added a special trim for the Outback, the Wilderness. The new model comes with enhanced off-road performance and a wild, rugged interior and exterior. It is said that the built-in Subaru EyeSight safety feature has also received some tunings this time, but what exactly does this model have to offer?

More Wilderness, More Safety

Subaru unveiled the new Outback Wilderness on March 30, 2021. The Outback, which was first launched for the North American market in 2019, has a wild new version. Let’s look at some special features this model offers.

The all-new Outback Wilderness for the US market
The all-new Outback Wilderness for the US market

The new Outback Wilderness has a minimum ground clearance of 9.5 inches (241 mm) and is equipped with a special suspension and 17-inch all-terrain tires. The interior and exterior of the model are equipped with parts that foretell a high level of functionality, further strengthening the SUV feel.

The front face is characterized by a powerful design with a special front bumper and skid plates.

Approach angle of the front part has been increased from 18.6 degrees to 20.0 degrees, the breakover angle from 19.4 degrees to 21.2 degrees, and the departure angle from 21.7 degrees to 23.6 degrees, ensuring good driving performance.

“Geyser Blue” is available as an exclusive body color for the model. This body color is said to be inspired by the blue used in Subaru rally machines and also by the scenes found only in the national parks of the United States.

Other special features that can be seen on the exterior include larger wheel arch cladding, hexagonal LED fog lights, and matte black anti-glare hood decals.

The interior has a special color scheme of black with yellow accents, and water-repellent materials are used to make it stain-resistant. And the rear hatch is equipped with LED lamps to help load cargos at night.

Two types of engines are selectable for the normal Outback, but the Wilderness model is only available with 2.4-liter turbocharged FA24 boxer engine. Its maximum output will be 260 hp, and an 8-speed Lineartronic CVT is mated with the engine.

The new Outback Wilderness will also be equipped with the EyeSight safety driving support system, which has been tuned to match the increased ride height of the model.

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According to a survey by Subaru’s North American subsidiary, the Outback continues to be loved by many users in the North American market, and 97% of the Outbacks sold in the past 10 years are still running as of 2021.

With the arrival of the new Outback Wilderness, the popularity of the Outback in the North American market is likely to accelerate.

Here’s a quiz for you.

The fifth generation of the Legacy Outback is currently being sold in Japan, but the first generation model was not called the Outback in Japan.

Which of the following names was used for the Japanese version of the first generation?

1. Grand Wagon
2. Blitzen
3. Lancaster
4. B4

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