After 7 Years of Its Life, The S660 Will No Longer Be Available from Honda

Honda announced the discontinuation of its two-seater convertible, the S660, in March 2022, adding a final special model dubbed the “S660 Modulo X Version Z”.

Discontinuation of a rare model, but why?

The S660 is a Kei-sized (max. displacement of 660-cc) 2-seater roadster manufactured by Honda, launched in April 2015 exclusively to the Japanese market.

Honda announced that the S600 will end its production in March 2022, 7 years after its launch.

The S660, discontinued after 7 years from its launch
The S660, discontinued after 7 years from its launch

The maker also announced the launch of a special model, “S660 Modulo X Version Z”, which will be the very last model of the S660.

Modulo X is a model series introduced by Honda, which installs original aero kits to the car from factory. A Modulo X model for the S660 was introduced in 2018.

Version Z, which will be the final model for the S660, comes in a special “Sonic Grey Pearl” color, with adding exclusive interior upholsteries.

The S660 itself is a car that was launched in 2015. The model originates from a proposal to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Honda’s R&D division.

Since its launch, the car has attracted a lot of attention, because Honda didn’t sell any 2-seater convertible after the discontinuation of the Honda Beat in 1996.

Honda sold a total of 32,000 units and has gained popularity among car enthusiasts with its high handling performance and other characteristics that only a midship can offer.

“Honda has decided to end the S660 in March 2022. About 10 years ago, the sports car market in Japan was dominated by expensive, high-performance models, and it was around this time that we started to hear young buyers staying away from sports cars.”, says Ryo Mukumoto, chief in development of the S660.

“And even I was thinking that we need a sports car that is more affordable, and easier to handle. That led to the original plan for the S660 being accepted in Honda, and the mockup was started to be built. It caught the attention of our CEO, and decided to be launched in the market.”

“After that, we’ve shown the ‘Honda EV-STER’ concept at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2011. To answer the high expectations, we launched the car to the market in April 2015.”

“With one year left until the discontinuation, this is the last chance for customers to buy an S660. We’ve also added a final Modulo X Version Z model, and we hope customers will love it.”

So then, why will Honda kill its compact 2-seater? Honda explains,

“The S660 will be discontinued because we are not able to pay the costs for modifications to comply with the new regulations, effective from 2022. The ‘S660’ name will disappear, but the ‘joy of driving’ which we provide will be inherited to other models.”

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In preparation for the end of the S660’s production, Honda will launch the “#WELOVES660” campaign on its website as a way to connect with S660 owners across the country.

The S660 will be going out of production in a year, and it seems that this will be the last chance for both existing and new owners to say farewell.


The last special edition of the S660