Sold Out in No Time! What’s Special About The Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition?

Why the color yellow?

The white paint job “Championship White” used to be the status of being a Type R model.

However, Honda brought an exclusive color called “Sunlight Yellow II” to the Type R Limited Edition.

Kakinuma-san, head of the development team, describes their passions behind this new color.

“For the Limited Edition, we took a fresh look at the Type R brand and sharpened its lightness and speed. The exclusive color for the Limited Edition is a two-tone color combination of black and ‘Sunlight Yellow II,’ a color that recalls the Type R of the 1990s.”

The Civic Type R Limited Edition, limited to 200 cars in Japan
The Civic Type R Limited Edition, limited to 200 cars in Japan

Sunlight Yellow II is a resurrection of the Sunlight Yellow color that was used on the Civic Type R and Integra Type R in the 1990s.

The front, side, and rear spoilers, roof, door mirror caps, and intake covers have been painted black to accentuate the car’s sporty impression.

The Limited Edition was priced at 5.5 million yen ($50,880). We are still unsure whether the price will soar in the used car market, but we hope that the lucky owners of this car will take good care of it.


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