2022 Lexus ES Coming with Updated Design and Tons of New Features

Lexus has unveiled the 2022 model for the Lexus ES at the Shanghai Motor Show 2021. What has evolved from the current model?

What’s new?

Lexus has premiered the updated model for its mid-size sedan, the ES, at the Shanghai Motor Show 2021.

The new Lexus ES F SPORT
The new Lexus ES F SPORT

The ES is a sedan that Lexus started selling together with its flagship sedan, the LS, when the brand was launched in 1989 for the North American market. The current model marks the 7th generation.

For the Japanese market, the model was sold from Toyota under the name “Camry Prominent” for the 1st generation, and “Windom” for the 2nd~4th generation. Lexus officially introduced the ES to the Japanese market with the current 7th generation.

While the gasoline version is available overseas, only the hybrid model is available for the Japanese market.

The new ES, which has undergone minor changes, features a new exterior design with a new front grille, headlights and wheels, two new body colors, and orange painted calipers for the F SPORT version.

Inside, the touch-operated multimedia system display is now 100mm closer to the driver and tilted at a 5-degree angle, making it easier to reach the corners of the screen.

In addition to the use of walnut material for ornament decoration, newly developed ink black and dark brown colors have been adopted, and the hairline decoration has been changed to a laser engraving process one by one to create a more detailed and modern atmosphere. New interior colors are also available.

The new ES has also evolved in terms of driving performance, with improved handling stability, ride comfort and quietness. The sportier F SPORT has adopted the latest AVS solenoid to reduce the damping force and increase variable range, resulting in both a high-quality ride and improved steering response.

Additionally, the Lexus Safety System +, a preventive safety system, has also been improved. The pre-crash safety system now detects oncoming vehicles before turning right at an intersection, and pedestrians crossing the street in front of the vehicle when turning right or left.

The new ES, which has evolved in many ways, is scheduled to go on sale in Japan in the Fall 2021.

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Here’s a quiz for you.

When the 7th gen. Lexus ES went on sale in Japan, there was a feature that was adopted for the first time in the world as a standard equipment for a mass-production car. Which of the following feature is it?

1. Dash cam
2. Level-3 autonomous driving feature
3. Digital Outer Mirrors

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