3 Off-Roaders That Have Edgy Shapes

Cars these days have curvy designs to protect pedestrians from collision, but these three cars go the opposite way.

Fascinating edgy cars

When you go out and see the streets, almost all cars these days have designs with curves. This is because cars are required to meet various requirements, such as collision safety with pedestrians and also low aerodynamic drag for better fuel efficiency.

Another reason is that advances in CAD, processing, and production technologies have increased the degree of freedom in design. On the other hand, there are some incredibly angular cars in the world.

●IAT Karlmann King

IAT Karlmann King
IAT Karlmann King

This car, with an exterior composed of triangular planes, is the Karlman King, a super SUV developed by the Chinese company IAT. It was unveiled at the 2017 Dubai International Motor Show and is targeted at the ultra-rich in the Middle East.

Price starts from $1.08 million, which makes the Bentley Bentayga, Rolls-Royce Cullinan, and Lamborghini Urus look surprisingly inexpensive. By adding optional parts, it will easily exceed $3.8 million, making it the ultimate king of SUVs.

The design that has no curves at all reminds us of a stealth fighter. In fact, photos on the official website show that it was inspired by one of those. The body is made of steel and carbon, with the interior being flashy, vast, and as luxurious as a high-life airport lounge. A bulletproof variant is also available for order.

In addition to top-notch audio equipment, projectors, and a ceiling that looks like a starry sky, the interior is also equipped with an espresso machine and can be custom-made in any color or material. Of course, the price will increase proportionally, but anyone who cares about such things may not be a suitable owner for this car.

The size of the Karmann King is 235.8 in. in length, 97.6 in. in both width and height, and weighs about 9,920 lbs. It is enormously large but natural since the car is based on a Ford F-550 chassis. By the way, selecting a bulletproof variant lets you add another 3,300 lbs. to net weight.

Its powertrain is a combination of Ford’s 6.8-liter V10 engine and a 6-speed automatic. Although the engine boasts about 400 hp, its top speed only goes for 87 mph.

●Bollinger Motors B1

Bollinger Motors B1
Bollinger Motors B1

This could be the easiest car to draw. The B1 is an electric SUV made by an EV manufacturer based in the United States. Based on the design of a traditional four-wheel drive vehicle, the bold style drawn with crisp, straight lines is exhilarating. The design is both futuristic and retro at the same time.

Every part of the car is boxy, and the front is a sheer wall of air resistance, but the B1, which boasts 614 horsepower, does 0-60 in just 4.5 seconds. This is on par with the Porsche 911, meaning that the B1 has the performance of any sports car in the world.

The body is smaller than it looks, measuring 171.5 in. in length, 89.0 in. in width, and 72.7 in. in height, but since it is an EV, the interior is spacious since there is no engine under the hood. The vehicle can accommodate up to four passengers and the rear seats can be removed to expand the luggage space.

One of the main features of the B1 is its ability to carry long objects. Since there is no engine, the vehicle can be loaded completely through the interior, and if the space is used to the fullest, long items as long as 165.3 in., which is close to the entire length of the vehicle, can be loaded. In addition, the windows, front and rear doors, and roof panels can be easily removed, giving the B1 the freedom to be customized for different purposes.

The powertrain is completely housed under the floor, just like an EV, and the weight distribution between the front and rear is a good 50:50. In addition, the high-performance AWD system, in which the front and rear motors independently drive the front and rear wheels, is expected to deliver high driving performance. Driving range varies depending on the grade, but the high-end model can travel more than 186 miles. A sibling vehicle, the B2, is also under development, with a pickup-type body.

Official prices are yet to come but reservations are now available with a deposit of $1,000.

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Fascinating edgy cars