Ken Block’s 914 hp F-150 Hoonitruck Available for $1.1M

Now’s the chance to get your hands on Ken Block’s one-of-a-kind 1977 Ford F-150.

Monster drifter as seen in Block’s Climbkhana and Gymkhana videos

LBI Limited, a US-based car auction company, is now listing a 1977 Ford F-150 with a price of $1.1 million. This isn’t just an ordinary old truck, but a monster machine that was built by the famous rally driver, Ken Block.

Ken Block’s Ford F-150 “Hoonitruck”
Ken Block’s Ford F-150 “Hoonitruck”

The F-150 Hoonitruck was built for Ken Block’s “Climbkhana Two” video, which was viewed over 75 million times. In the video, Block drove this Hoonitruck to climb the hills of “Heaven’s Gate” in China. Also, the car won the “Best Dressed” award at Tokyo Auto Salon 2019.

Although the exterior retains the overall shape of a 1977 F-150, inside the hood stores a 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbo EcoBoost engine that comes straight from a Le Mans-spec Ford GT. The engine boasts 914 hp with 702 lb-ft of torque.

Not just the outstanding engine specs, but also the gigantic intake manifolds and turbocharger sticking out from the hood is also something spectacular to see.

The body itself was turned into a tubular frame after the car was stripped down to get some repairs. It also comes with loads of one-off parts such as suspensions and forged wheels. Overall, Block spent more than $1.5 million to build this monster.

LBI Limited offers this car as part of “The Ken Block Collection” on its website, along with other Block’s Gymkhana machines such as the Ford Fiesta and Ford RS200.


A monster machine with 914 hp !!