The All New Toyota GR86 Unveiled: What’s New?

Bigger Engine, More Performance

Subaru’s FA24 engine has been chosen as the new powertrain. Having a displacement of 2.4 liter, the new engine will provide more power output and torque (235 hp/184 lb-ft), compared to the previous 2.0 liter FA20 with 207 hp and 156 lb-ft.

Fuel injection remains the same as the old engine, using the same D-4S technology developed by Toyota.

The all new GR86
The all new GR86

With now having a bigger engine, its overall performance has been improved. The new GR86 will do 0-60 in 6.3 seconds, while the previous model did in 7.4 seconds. Not only in terms of speed, but also the response has been enhanced to provide a smooth acceleration all the way up to a higher revving range.

6-speed stick shift remains as a selectable option for gearheads, while also having 6-speed automatic.

While the basic structure is based on the first generation model, the new model incorporates the know-hows gained from the development of the Subaru Global Platform. By restructuring the body with an inner frame structure, handling responsiveness has been improved to achieve more nimble movement and enhanced traction when turning.

In addition, Subaru’s EyeSight driver assisting technology is now available on 6-speed automatic models. This will also be the first Toyota model to be equipped with EyeSight technology.

With having pre-collision braking and advanced adaptive cruise control, the car itself supports a safer, comfortable cruising. But at the same time, the car also equips a conventional lever-type e-brake, which could suggest that some EyeSight functions might be limited.

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Prices are yet to be announced, but it is said that the price range will remain the same as the previous model. The new GR86, inheriting all the good things from the previous 86 and further enhanced in its styling and performance, is set to be launched in Fall 2021.