Toyota’s Halo GR Super Sport To Be Sold in Limited Numbers Against Selected Customers

A survey was conducted against potential customers who are interested in buying the $10 billion GR halo car.

Toyota wants to sell their cars to real gearheads

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing (TGR), Toyota’s motorsports division, has been conducting a survey about the GR Super Sports now under development. It is said by some car media that this could be a screening to select customers who can actually buy the car.

The GR Super Sport, now under development
The GR Super Sport, now under development

The GR Super Sport was developed as a road-going version of the TS050 Hybrid, a WEC prototype Toyota competed with until 2020. With this hyper car, Toyota wishes to appeal its technology and “fun to drive” stance to their customers worldwide.

When the very first concept model was unveiled at Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 in January 2018, Toyota explained that the car consists of almost the same major parts as the TS050 Hybrid.

Inside the sleek and futuristic body is a 2.4-liter V6 direct-injection engine mated with a twin-turbo and Toyota’s state-of-the-art “Toyota Hybrid System Racing (THS-R)”. Total system output boasts over 1000 hp.

This powertrain is said to combine a highly efficient electrical system with a lean-burn engine to achieve the ultimate in both power and environmental performance.

So what kind of a survey Toyota conducted?

It starts with some basic information asking their name, address, and contact information. Next ask about how many and which specific supercars do they own, including their average mileage, and names for any supercars planned for the future.

In addition, the survey asks whether that customer has owned a Toyota 2000GT or a Lexus LFA, the number of circuits driven in a year, interests in motorsports, and whether the customer owns a circuit license.

Toyota also asked what the customer is interested in and expects against the GR Super Sport with the following options.

・The “road-going hyper car” concept itself
・Exterior design
・Durability and reliability designed to win the 24-hour race
・Toyota’s hybrid system that combines ultimate power and environmental performance
・Rarity and value of the car itself
・Toyota’s stance of making cars fun even for the next 100 years

And for the last question, the survey asks the most important part: whether the customer really is interested in buying the car. By examining how much they are interested in the Toyota GR brand and the GR Super Sport itself, Toyota seeks to sell their cars only to true fans.

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Because the survey was in English, rumors told that these are the conditions for buying the GR halo car.

As for the actual price, it is said that it will be over $10 billion. Just like other super-luxury brands where they require certain conditions, it is thought that Toyota will set some close requirements.

Currently, GR announces that the release date is yet to be determined and no reservations are being accepted at this time.

And the staff at the GR Garage, GR’s car dealer in Japan, also explains that there is no specific information available right now, but are certain that they will have some requirements since the car is a special model.


Toyota’s Halo GR Super Sport