Toyota GR Releases Body Kits That Enhances Sportiness of The Camry

Toyota has updated the Japanese Camry on February 1, 2021, with adding GR-spec optional bodykits.

Aggressive design and styling

Toyota Customizing & Development (TCD for short), a company that develops and sells custom parts and complete cars for Toyota vehicles, has released some new GR-brand parts for the Toyota Camry.

“Black Edition” body kits
“Black Edition” body kits

With the update that underwent this February, the sedan received a minor facelift. And to match that, a new body kit “Sensual Sport Style” is now available for the Camry WS model.

The body kit itself has a sporty design that links with the original car, creating a dynamic styling with a low center of gravity, and also some aerodynamic functions to improve stability.

In addition to that body kit, there’s also a “Black Edition” body kit available, which has all the parts painted in black, making the car have a two-tone color design.

Other than the body kits, a new set of 19-inch wheels and a GR-brand sport damper has been added as a selectable option for the sport sedan.

Prices for the body kit start at 195,800 yen ($1800). A bundle coming with an exclusive exhaust set starts at 305,800 yen ($2800).


Toyota Camry armed with GR parts looks cool