Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution: The Story of Pleiades’ Biggest Rival

Out in 3 days, leading to additional 2,500 units being produced

Despite Mitsubishi not making a great effort for advertising the car, the first 2,500 produced for homologating were sold out in just 3 days. Additional 2,500 units were produced to meet the unexpected demands and a total of 7,628 units were sold in the end.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Although the model was based on the Lancer, its body dimensions were 5,175 mm x 1,995 mm x 1,775 mm (203.7 in x 78.5 in x 68.5 in), approx. 40 mm longer than the base Lancer in overall length.

The Lancer Evolution was not only a model which adopted its engine and drivetrain directly from the Galant VR-4, but also a lightweight battle machine that was armed with an aluminum hood, exclusive body kits, and a more rigid body. And for the GSR model, the car received Recaro seats and a Momo steering wheel, adding some sporty atmosphere to the compact body.

Mitsubishi used this 1st gen. Evo to compete for the WRC from the beginning of the 1993 season to the third race of the 1994 season.

Unfortunately, the car couldn’t bring any victory to the company’s history, but the car was surely a pioneer in the high-power, light-weight AWD rally machine category. Until today, the Lancer Evolution I is well-known in many people’s memories as a monster as fast as the Skyline GT-R, another 2-liter class machine.

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Later on, the Lancer Evolution continues to evolve according to its base model’s update. It is divided into four generations, with the 1st gen. from Evo I to III, the 2nd from Evo IV to VI, the 3rd from Evo VII to IX, and the 4th only with Evo X.

Each generation has different characteristics and tastes, but they have always been the ones aiming to be the fastest high-powered AWD sedans.

And every model has become enthusiastically popular not only in Japan but also worldwide. Prices in the second-hand market continue to rise in proportion to its popularity since Mitsubishi has killed the historical marque.


Monster "Lancer Evolution"