A $2M Supra? Check Out These Supras on Previous Auctions

GR Supras at auctions too

1990 Toyota Supra
Sold for: $74,800
Mileage: 191 miles

At the same Las Vegas 2021 auction, a third generation A70 model was also on the lot. The car is a targa top model with only 191 miles on its meter, making it very close to mint condition.

In Japan, the “Supra” name was introduced starting with this generation. Like mentioned before, the greatest feature of this car is that its condition is close to new. Its first owner bought this car on August 31st, 1990, and kept it as his collection for more than 30 years.

Mated with a 5-speed manual transmission, the car has a 3-liter 7M-GTEU inline-6 turbo engine under the hood. It features 4-wheel power disc brakes, double wishbone suspension, progressive power steering, automatic air conditioner, dual color-coordinated outside electric mirrors with defoggers, and a rear spoiler with LED-type high-mounted brake light. The car also comes with an optional “Sport Package” that includes additional features such as an electronically controlled suspension and leather power seats.

The original owner’s manuals, plastic covers for the interior, and shipping stickers still on windows and roof tool proves the car was kept in very good condition.

1985 Toyota Supra
Sold for: $8,250
Mileage: Unknown

The A60 is the second generation of the Celica Supra in the United States, and was sold in Japan under the name “Celica XX”.

Such an old model, which has been in production for 35 years, is called a “survivor car”. Comparing to other Supras, the car was sold for an inexpensive price. This might be due to the mileage being unknown and the fact the car was repainted once.

1985 Toyota Supra sold for $8,250
1985 Toyota Supra sold for $8,250

2020 Toyota Supra – First Production VIN 20201
Sold for: $110,000
Mileage: 739 miles

At the Scottsdale 2019 auction, a special 2020 Supra appeared. This particular model is the very first production car for the new Supra with its VIN being 20201. Matte gray body, bright red side mirrors, and matte black wheels are exclusive to this model. The car was sold for $110,000.

2020 Toyota Supra Mariano Rivera’s Launch Edition

Another 2020 Supra that appeared at Barrett-Jackson’s auction is a limited model which was sold in Summer 2019. The car was called “Launch Edition” with only 1,500 units sold.

And what makes it more special is that the car was owned by Mariano Rivera, a New York Yankees Hall of Famer. It even has Rivera’s number “42” on its doors and also the serial number was made to be 42/1500.

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There have been many Supras auctioned in the past, and each one has its own unique episode. The legend of the Supra continues to go on.


Supras on Previous Auctions