5 Cars That Have Appeared in The Ultraman Series

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Mitsubishi Jeep as “MAC Rody” in “Ultraman Leo”

Mitsubishi Jeep
Mitsubishi Jeep

Ultraman Leo appeared in 1974 after the protagonist decided to live without relying on Ultraman Taro’s power and returned the Ultra Badge to Mother of Ultra.

The story is about Ultraman Leo, who emigrated to Earth from the planet L77 that was wiped out by Alien Magma, joining the Monster Attacking Crew (MAC) to protect Earth from Alien Magma’s invasion.

He was trained by Ultra Seven, who became the captain of the Earth Defense Force after Ultraman Taro left Earth, to fight against monsters and aliens.

The Mitsubishi Jeep appeared as MAC Rody, MAC’s special vehicle equipped with laser beams and bazooka cannons.

In 1953, Mitsubishi signed a licensing agreement with Willys to produce the Willys Jeep in Japan.

Production in Japan commenced because the United States Armed Forces needed to save money when supplying their Jeeps for the Korean War.

Initially, Mitsubishi manufactured the car using knock-down kits from Willys. But as the popularity of the car rose, Mitsubishi started to use parts produced domestically by their own for its civilian model.

The rugged style of the Jeep became widely popular among Japanese people, but in 1998, Mitsubishi ended its production with a final edition limited to 300 units.

Mazda Savanna RX-7 as “Scooter S7” in “Ultraman 80”

Mazda Savanna RX-7
Mazda Savanna RX-7

Thanks to the efforts of Ultraman Leo, monsters were once again destroyed and peace was restored to Earth. However, the monsters reappeared on Earth, and Ultraman 80 from M78 Nebula took an active role. Ultraman 80, as the name suggests, began airing in 1980.

The protagonist is a teacher at a junior high school in Tokyo but also serves as a member of the Utility Government Members (UGM), part of the Terrestrial Defense Force (TDF). In Ultraman 80, the Scooter S7, based on the Mazda Savanna RX-7, appears as UGM’s high-speed ground patrol vehicle.

Mazda introduced the Savanna RX-7 in 1978. Equipped with a 130 hp 1.2-liter two-rotor engine, the car was characterized by a low hood that took advantage of the compact rotary engine. Retractable headlights like the one this model has were also a popular feature at that time.

The car was superior not only for its styling but also as a sports car, having an ideal 50:50 weight distribution for its front and rear.

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People in their 40’s and 50’s who watched the Showa Ultra series when they were kids must have longed to be a hero who would protect the earth someday. In fact, some of them were so interested in these cars that they even had their Cosmo Sport made to look like a MAT Vehicle.

Rewatching the series might let you discover something different from when you were a child.


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