2022 Toyota Tundra Teased with Photos Ahead of Fall Launch

Toyota has been revealing photos of the new pickup for the past few months and now a 10-second video to follow. What can we know from those photos?

Photos teasing the all-new Tundra

The current Tundra is a full-size pickup with an overall length of more than 228 ft and is positioned above the mid-size Tacoma. Two drive types, FWD and 4WD, are available with several bed options.

The all-new Tundra, coming this fall
The all-new Tundra, coming this fall

Toyota has been teasing the new model by uploading partial photos, starting in May with a photo that depicts the car being covered with smoke while its headlights being on.

On June 15, a photo showing the engine having an “iForce MAX” logo on top was revealed, implying the car will have a completely new power train. Three days later, a photo of the exterior design showing a gigantic honeycomb-style grille and some LED lights was shown to the public.

And on June 22, Toyota showed how it will look like when viewing the outside from the interior with another teasing photo. Photos showing a sunroof, a red leather seat with the “TRD PRO” logo on it, a dial switch for selecting drive modes, and a Qi wireless charging pad for smartphones were revealed in July.

The next generation Tundra is expected to be equipped with a variety of advanced features that enhance the car’s convenience.

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Here’s a little quiz.

The aforementioned Qi wireless charging is also offered in Toyota cars sold in Japan.

As of July 2021, which model in Japan comes with wireless charging as a factory option?

1. Yaris
2. Roomy
3. Corolla
4. Raize

The correct answer is 3, “Corolla”.

Other models also cannot be selected with this option, but the Corolla can be added for ¥13,200 (approx. $120).


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